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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Iron Skillet

We don't have many options when we're driving. I must mention however, that Ohio has some great rest areas- the ones on Route 80 have Au Bon Pain and Panera! Plus they look pretty nice, compared to the stuff I'm used to on the NYS Thruway and NJ Turnpike.

Just like our last trip, we stopped at an Iron Skillet for a quick meal. The previous time was really late and that location kinda sucked. This time we visited late afternoon and the food was edible... except for one possibly rotten grape tomato.

M got his usual, and I decided against just the salad bar and opted for some spaghetti. It came with a trip to the salad bar and some garlic bread that did not taste good at all. M took care of that, along with everything on his plate.

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phairhead said...

that's a great name for a restaurant!

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