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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Indian Lunch Buffet

I drove up Sunday to spend the last of my vacation with M. We went to Macaroni Grill for our anniversary dinner (our first sorta date was there)and enjoyed a night of drinking and Wii playing. The snow really put a damper on heading back out, but a good night in is always appreciated.

Both M and I have been craving Indian food. The last time we had some Indian lunch buffet was back in the summer, so I think it's safe to say we were due for some. I am well aware of other Indian restaurants that are better (the names escape me, but I think it has been mentioned in my comments somewhere) but Shalimar is here in Troy and close to M's apartment.

The price isn't bad ($6.99) and the vegetarian dishes seem to always outnumber the ones that include meat, so it should be no surprise that M eats more than I do when we're there. The chicken biryani was on the bland side, with the chicken sadly lacking any flavor. The chicken tikka masala had a very strong buttery flavor. More buttery than normal, so the rich, creamy taste was strange. Best dish of the meal was the daal palak. You really can't go wrong with lentils and spinach.

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Chrystal said...

I am in love with the chicken tikka masala from Tandoori on Wolf Rd. I can't figure it out, it's more of a red pepper sauce than the norm and cashews are listed as an ingredient but they must be ground since I have yet to find any cashew pieces in there. It's supper creamy and rich, possibly from the addition of yogurt? It's my new favorite place to go for Indian, I'm addicted.

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