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Friday, January 08, 2010

Frozen Michigandering - Part One

Another vacation in Michigan has come and gone and I am left with the job of recalling everything that happened. The original plan was to leave New Years Eve, but the impending bad weather made us push our plans a day earlier. And as these vacations go, we had some travel issues:

And then there was Pennsylvania. Southeast of Pittsburgh we hit a four hour stand still. Not fun times. When we finally made it out of there, M offered to drive and got stuck with the snowy drive through Ohio and Michigan.

We visited M's grandmother, and I was lucky enough to get my German food fix. Okay, it may not have been necessarily German, but she's an old German grandmother and everything she makes tastes pretty darn good. Cabbage and kielbasa, and some ham potato ihavenodieabutholycow.

Oh, the cookies above? Store bought, but mighty tasty. If we didn't leave, I would have finished the whole tin.

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phairhead said...

that was a gnarly accident!

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