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Friday, January 29, 2010

Free Burrito? Fail.

You may have heard, but today is the official opening of the Chipotle in Clifton Park. To celebrate this opening, they opened yesterday and gave out free burritos. I am all about free things, and if I were in the area, I would be all up in that business. M had the day off so I insisted that he get his butt up there and indulge in the free.

He called up a friend and they made their way up to Clifton Park. Upon arrival however, his friend L saw the line that reached out the door and around the building, and decided she'd rather not wait outside for a FREE BURRITO. .. M needs to choose his friends more carefully.

(this is what I get for asking him to write)

Anyways, the line was long... but really, how long would that wait have been? So L balked at the line and they went to the Latham Chipotle, where they also encountered a long line (out the door, or to the door, past the door, whatever). Not as long as the CP line, but still long.

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