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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Would It Be Bad

If I said I wanted to go back to Chipotle again today? Just for chips and salsa. And maybe a bowl of rice and black beans.

Oh and M... if you're reading this at work- can hit up Chopper after work? We're out of beer and I don't think my car can handle the drive.


Albany Jane said...

I'd toss in some guac in there too. DO IT.

M said...

AJ - I am seriously considering it. I just finished my chips and hot salsa. I love that hot salsa ohsofreakinmuch.

And I don't know if you've noticed, but they are very generous with their guac portions on the veggie burrito bol. Generous enough that I can eat them with chips, and still have enough left over for my burrito.

I have nothing but praise for that Chipotle.

And I just noticed I've been commenting and writing all under M's account. Whoops.

phairhead said...

hee! yr a woman obsessed. :D chipotl the night away

Anonymous said...

I recently had dry carnitas at the new Chipotle. How does that even hapen?

But overall I am still a big fan. I forgive them a few botched efforts. And I could tell by looking at the bucket, that something was off with the pork and ordered it anyway.

So, it's partly my fault too.

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