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Monday, December 07, 2009

Quick Question... Take Two

It is the last week of classes... HOORAY!!

How am I going to start my winter break? With a nice long week up in Troy. I'll be heading up Sunday to partake in Albany Jane's cookie swap and for an extra super duper treat, Mags is coming up to visit!

Which is the reason for this entry. Where is a good place to go and meet people? Not for me, or M might get a wee bit upset. It's all for Mags, and I'm trying to be a good friend.


phairhead said...

Bomber's in either Sch'dy or Albany. Lark Tavern.

See you at the cookie swap! :D

Albany Jane said...

Yaay! I'm so excited you're able to come! Good lining up of times.

Hmm... maybe Lark Tavern for meeting folks? Everyone's always super nice when I go there.

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