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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cranberry Margarita

Mags, D, and I braved the mall this weekend. We hit up Chevy's for Sunday Funday and had the best guacamole to date. It was fantastic... so much so that we ordered it twice. OMFG... so very very good. And the cranberry margarita totally hit the spot.

Afterward we watched Sherlock Holmes, which I think was okay. I'm not too sure... the couple sitting next to me kept doing idontwannaknow and it distracted me from the movie. But I am okay with Jude Law's mustache. And the snaggletooth was eeeek.


Albany Jane said...

Cranberry margarita?! It looks delicious.

All this guac talk is making me crave Chipotle. But really, what doesn't?

phairhead said...

where's the nearest Chevy's?

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