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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Second Annual Halloween Jaunt

Last year M and I ran away to Massachusetts and celebrated Halloween at Six Flags New England. It was good times, but pretty chilly.

I was hoping this year would be different, but I should know better. It's how it goes for this time of year. We took at drive out west and checked out Dorney Park nearby Allentown, PA. Surprisingly, the trip was quick- according to their website the park is about 90 minutes away from NYC. So for you readers in the Capital Region that may be interested in visiting, tack on two more hours onto that (it's on the way to the Reading Outlets, if that's another reason to get you out there).

It was mostly drizzle while we were there, with only one point where it rained pretty bad (and of course just when we got onto a ride). Good thing I chose to wear an acrylic sweater, all that rain just beaded up. My poor pumas got the worst of it, with some crazy girl stepping on me when we were in the haunted campgrounds, and my dark blue denim jeans bled on my white sneakers. Does anyone know if I can remove that, and if so... how? The main rides were smooth- only minor jostling and zero neck/head pain. Don't tell Great Adventure but I think DP rides >>>>> GA rides

M and I didn't buy any food at the park, even though I was starving. On the way to the park we saw signs for Waffle House, a place I've never been to before. So that was our goal- hit all the big rides multiple times and the haunted attractions (which were totally lame), but save our eating until Waffle House. We entered the park a little after 5PM and left sometime after 9PM.

From what M tells me, they are known for three things- waffles, coffee, and their hashbrowns. They don't serve french fries, only hashbrowns, and they mold it into this disk shape... unless you get a double of triple order. You can also add things to it, and they all have their respective names:
  • Smothered (onions)
  • Covered (cheese)
  • Chunked (ham)
  • Diced (tomatoes)
  • Peppered (peppers)
  • Capped (mushrooms)
  • Topped (chili)

All the cooking takes place front and center, which was nice so I could see what exactly the worker was doing with my food. Plus she was cooking grits and did not look happy having to stand there and constantly stir it.

M got a triple order of hashbrowns (smothered and covered), and two pancackes. Those hashbrowns looked pretty good, but I didn't get a chance to try any since M scarfed it all down. Of course after that triple order he realized that he ordered too much and was not able to finish off his pancakes. I happily stepped in and took care of the rest. I haven't had pancakes in a long time, and these tasted pretty darn good.

I was unimaginative and went with a double cheeseburger. There menu is this two sided placemat thing, and there wasn't much that appealed to me. And apparently the burger and hashbrowns and leftover pancakes and numerous cups of coffee were not enough for me because by the time we got back on the road I was hungry again. It was the rides, I'm pretty sure.

When we got back to New York, we drove down to Nyack to see how the scene was. Busy and chock full of people I didn't want to be around. But we made our rounds, said our hellos, and called it a night.


phairhead said...

heh heh. Now I get that Bloodhoung Gang reference. looks extra nom,nom, nom. love the photo too :D

Albany Jane said...

I like Waffle House for the cutesy vibe. I really should have tried the coffee. And don't worry - that cheeseburg wouldn't have filled me up either!

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