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Monday, November 23, 2009

Predictable Troy

There are things that are guaranteed to happen whenever I'm in Troy:

1. When M and I decide to go to a bar, it is going to be a crappy experience. Friday was a perfect example of this. I arrived just when M got out of work and we decided to grab a couple of drinks at Brown's. M went there with a co-worker the previous week and it was pretty empty-just how I like it.

Was it empty? Hell no, college students all up in that joint... and ohmygoodness, I think I strained an eye from all the eye rolling I did. "Um, yeah... I've been dealing with the swine flu for the past few weeks now..." What are you doing in a bar? Shoo!!

I think I ordered their Raspberry beer, but I was so annoyed with the place that I could not enjoy it. And does Brown's put cherries in all their beers? It's a nice surprise.

2. If I make plans with college friends to meet up, it almost always falls through. Is this a reflection of my relationships with these people? Maybe, possibly. Or I just have crummy luck? Or perhaps a little bit of both. Case in point- I called up my friend D to let him know I was going to be in the area and that we should hang out. Get a call back, and we make tentative plans. Call again to see if it's a go, and here's where it falls. D's girlfriend is sick, how about tomorrow. Okay, no problem... try again Saturday. Saturday turns into phone tag which ends up with no plans. Sunday was more of the same. M has this problem with a couple of his co-worker friends, one in particular.


And last but not least

3. If I go to the Troy Farmers Market, I will most certainly have only wine to show for it. This weekend, it was four bottles. Three M will be bringing down for Thanksgiving, and one I drank Saturday night. Would you believe me if I told you I didn't feel it at all? Weak alcohol percentage, or perhaps all the food in my gut?

And what is up with my eyes? I swear I didn't have makeup smudge!


phairhead said...

hmmmm cherry :D

i love yr photo. you look wild

Albany Jane said...

Nada? Oh man - probably the food. How many glasses did ya have?

I'll bet RPI let out for Thanksgiving break, so a bunch of students went down there. I like Brown's when it's either insanely busy or really slow. For some reason service is only meh when it's crowded.

Ugh to runarounds. To me it's like waiting around all day when you could be doing something else besides... nothing!

Anonymous said...

I don't like it when people put fruit in my beer. And I too was disappointed by a Colebrook wine purchased by my mother in law. But I did not have very high hopes.

Actually I found it almost undrinkable. Yet well mannered as I am, managed to choke down a few sips, and find some kind words.

"I've never quite had anything like it" came to mind.

Matt said...

is that a dessert wine?

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