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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hitting the Farmers Market

An exam on Monday (I know! I want a long weekend!) is keeping me downstate, and missing the markets in the Albany/Troy/Schenectady area. Not to worry, because there are plenty of markets here (although most of them are in Westchester... boo).

I first checked out the Suffern Farmers Market. It's held every Saturday from 9:00 - 1:00 (June - November) in "Parking Lot A." If you live in Suffern or commute from there, then you will know where exactly lot A is. For those of us who have no clue, it's the parking lot at the train station. There were a handful of vendors this morning, and as promised on their website, live music. I did a quick lap around before settling on one vendor with reasonable prices on her vegetables. I picked up the red leaf lettuce for $1.50 and the radish bunch for a dollar. Not too shabby.

Since I was already in Suffern, I figured I would check out the market up in Tuxedo. The only reason I know about that one is because I would pass it on my way to Greenwood Lake. It's on Route 17 North, which is the same way to get to Maskers Orchards (go go go... those apples don't pick themselves, you know!).

Just like the SFM, the Tuxedo Farmers Market is held at a train station from 9:00 - 2:00 until the end of the month (btw, the farmers market in Ridgewood, NJ is also on a Saturday... but I didn't check it out today). There was live music, but they were doing covers which I liked better. The market in Tuxedo is more in line with what you would find at the Troy market, but on a smaller scale. There was a wine vendor, a Mozzarella truck stocked with fresh made cheese, coffee and tea vendors... basically, I really liked this one. I picked up a bunch of leeks for $2.00 and the carrots for $1.50. It's not in the picture, but I also picked up a squash (not exactly sure what kind it is, but my mom said it's kalabasa... english translation - not a clue) for $1.50. Very wallet friendly indeed.

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