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Friday, October 30, 2009

Fresh Coconut

Hey everyone. Hope the last week or so treated you well. I'm glad the week's over and I can catch up with so much needed posting.

I know the title says fresh coconut. It's as fresh as I can get it here in the Northeastern US. The store had already pre-husked it, making it easier to crack open. I've been on a coconut streak, with the agua de coco and now some fresh coconut water.

There are many different ways to crack open a coconut. All of them which freak me out (I have this thing about losing digits). My dad, in all his awesomeness went completely old school and got out the cleaver.

Buko juice! Where's my day-glo straw and itty-bitty drink umbrella?

What a sight for sore eyes. Maybe I should make buko pie.

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phairhead said...

love the machete photo

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