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Friday, October 09, 2009

Eating With Our Eyes

I was the one that suggested we go to Ikea. Mags and I were hungry, and it had been a while since we last visited. I went with my meatballs, Mags went with the two cakes above. If I recall, she had most of the Almond cake, and just a little bit of the Chocolate. Both were just meh... makes me reconsider buying one of their frozen desserts. Roe in a tube, I will never reconsider.

That story floating around the intranetz about the quality of ground beef didn't help with those meatballs. It kept popping up in my head, inducing queasiness. I pushed through, and only left three meatballs. Soup was good. Forgot how tart the Ligonberries can be.

In case you didn't know... Wednesday is rib night. I'll get around to trying it one of these days.

After our meal, we goofed around and took pictures of me around the store with a bib. Looking at them, I now realize I can never post them on this blog and hold my head high.

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phairhead said...

check out my blog for a post about ikea next week

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