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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tappan Sushi (Tappan, NY)

**Note: I wrote this post... months ago. And I'm finally posting it now. Whoops.**

Oh. Hey.

I had a nice long break between classes last week, so I decided to check the Korean situation. If you are familiar with the Rockland/Northern Jersey area, then you know each and every Korean place right in that border area. It's not hard to know, since there is only ~5 (give or take an opening/closing). This restaurant is right next to what looks like an Asian (although probably a bit more emphasis on the Korean) grocery store... which is down the road from an H Mart wannabe and the Korean BBQ place. I can go on and on, but let's stop it there.

I dragged a classmate along with me and had to give her the heads up that I will be taking pictures of her food.

She thought I was kidding. Now you know, missy. Have you ever noticed that it's pretty much just the Korean restaurants have these spoon covers? Note the politeness and love of Lady Liberty.

My meal came with banchan... which is expected when you order a Korean dish. A little spicy, a little spicy-sweet. And then there was that omlette thing. Shredded carrot, celery, and sesame seeds. It was cold, and my biased dislike for eggs made me gloss over this one and give it to my friend to finish. She's an egg fan and thought it was pretty good. I'm thinking this would be something M would like.

Yes, I've said this before... but I don't learn my lesson when it comes to bibimbap. And once again, I forgot to ask for the egg well done. It was okay, ate almost all of it, and that's with ordering a roll.

Classmate went with the chicken teriyaki bento box. As you can see, it came with salad, gyoza, and California roll. Not pictured are the soup (which was done at that point) and the rice. She enjoyed her meal, and attempted to try and use chopsticks, but gave up and asked for a fork. Weaksauce.


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