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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Escape to Albany (Part One: Farmers Market)

Hey everyone! I hope you had a good weekend... I sure did.

It's been a long time since I made it back to the Troy Farmers Market. M and I weren't even planning on stopping there, but somehow we turned too soon and found ourselves by the Uncle Sam parking garage. It seemed like there were more vendors there than I remember the last time, but perhaps a lot of them closed up before we got there (which was usually right before they started to break stuff down). There was no Thunder Mountain Curry, which kinda sucked, but it looks like there's a new Mexican food stand.

It looks like the Colebrook Wine lady is back. And FYI, she is out of the Honeydew Pinot Grigio. We did sample the Blueberry PG, and ended up buying a bottle. The wines tend to be on the sweet side, so if you're into that (and I am one of those people) stop by the market and pick up a bottle. I think they range from 12 to 17 dollars a bottle. Don't tell anyone, but I think I'll be throwing a bottle or two of these in my Christmas gift baskets!

After our purchase we headed into Albany to check out Oktoberfest. M figured it would be easier to take Rt. 32 into downtown Albany, and on the way we passed up the Capital District Farmers Market. Compared to the market in Troy, the one in Menands was much smaller, but we may have caught the end of it (when we showed up people had just finished packing up). It's a lot better during the week, but that's the wholesale market, and you should probably hold off unless you plan on splitting it with a few people or are planning to throw a party. A huge party.


phairhead said...

love the pic!

Albany Jane said...

Very awesome pic. I love happy food/booze people. Although I bet drinks help put people in a happier mood over food ;)

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