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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Terminal 4 @ JFK

Two things I saw at the airport today that I thought you'd like to see.

A Sam Adams restaurant in New York? Niiice. Too bad I would have to haul my butt through that nightmare called the bouroughs to visit. I'll take driving in New Jersey any day thankyouverymuch.


The Seafood Bar is The Caviar House & Prunier's only restaurant in the United States. It's smack dab in swankiness and just walking buy gave off the "don't even think about it" vibe. Guess how much a 6 piece sushi roll is? Twenty dollars
But what really takes the cake is their ultimate dish. For a whopping $55.00 you can enjoy an order of "The Ultimate," which description is in the photo. If you cannot read it, here is what the menu listed:

The ultimate and most legendary food products produced for and by mankind must be Caviar, Salmon, and Foie Gras!
When designing this menu I suddenly realized that we have never had a "single meat" containing these three products in one!
Well here it is! Our ultimate know-how and passion in one.

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Albany Jane said...

Woah. Yeah... I think I'll pass, hee hee.

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