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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quick Dinner

I really do like Wild Ginger. Magentix and I stopped in for a quick dinner after hitting up Free Movie Tuesday (I can't remember what we watched). They still have the four course dinner option, which for 17 bucks is a bargain and not to be passed up. This is Mag's appetizer, an eggroll. Psh, how unimaginative.

I keed.

I went with the calamari salad. See that little ring there? Yep... I found you calamari! The salad would have been excellent, but the dressing was too salty. And I could not for the life of me figure out what it was. Must make some salad with shredded mango and jicima now.

Mags ordered three Philadelphia rolls, which I opted not to take a picture of, because I think we all know what they look like. ho hum I went with the Red Snapper, if you couldn't tell by the photograph. I'm not sure if it was coated with anything before it hit the pan. The outside was a bit weird, but the inside was moist-ish. It was drowning in sauce, but half of it was actually pretty good. I'm not sure what is in it exactly, but it's definitely Thai influenced. There was some coconut milk. Maybe curry? Who knows... I'm sure if I took another look at the menu it would say.

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