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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


With this year's memorable trip to MI behind us, I think it's time to post what limited pictures I took. Seriously, if half the stuff that went down on this trip didn't go down... this would be a more interesting post.

But things happen for a reason, right? And really M... things will get better.


The night before - M had to work a night shift before we went on vacation, but it gave me some time to finish up on our trip snacks. I don't know what came over me, but I made boatload of cupcakes. Enough that I'm embarrassed to even say how many exactly there were. But I figured, cut the stops along the way to a minimum and stuff ourselves with sugar to stay awake. I tried to be cute and tint the icing to match the University of Michigan's school colors (M's alma mater), but the blue looked more Tar Heel blue than Wolverine. And the gold wasn't gold... but lemon yellow. Need to buy better colorings.

Vacation Day 2 - Breakfast with M's dad at CJ's, dinner at Cheap Charlie's... and no pictures. His dad makes me camera shy. It was all pretty good though, especially Cheap Charlie's. I did manage to take a picture of this chocolate dip when we were out on errands. And guess what? It was bout bought at McD, surprise surprise. See that Northeast? GIVE ME CHOCOLATE DIP!

Vacation Day 4 - Went to visit one of M's friends in Grand Blanc. That number above? Apple dumpling with vanilla ice cream. Really hit the spot and went well with the coffee. I think the place was called Sophie's? It's in a shopping strip off of South Saginaw, across from a Yaya's chicken joint. We hit up some yard sales (OMG I <3 Michigan for this) and scored a bunch of cookbooks from the 50's and 60's, and an ice cream maker. Can't wait to start using that baby.

After Grand Blanc, we drove in to Flint... where another friend of M's bailed on us, and forced us to spend a very ho-hum night in that city. We ate at the White Horse, which makes some good pizza, but not really picture friendly (dark as hell... perfect drinking atmosphere). We drove around until we found a movie theater that didn't go out of business and regrettably watched GI Joe. How crappy was that movie? Duke and The Baroness dated? Um... no.

Flint nightlife, based on the little I did experience, sucks. I counted five bars. Give me lame college bars any day, at least I'd be able to bar hop and be happy. The only saving grace of the night? Drinks at The Loft were crazy cheap.

The end of our vacation ended horribly, but we made it back. Now if I could only re-focus for school...

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