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Friday, August 28, 2009

Good News!

We have a new writer on the blog! My very good friend has agreed to write while she is on vacation in Indonesia. So hopefully she'll be making up for my lack of posts... and making us all envious of the tasty foods she'll get to enjoy out there.

If she's not still suck at the airport, she's flying somewhere over the Atlantic as I write this... and has promised to take pictures of everything! w00t!

So if you see anything from Magentix, now you know who it is.

And that cute dog up there? That is M's dog, Emma. Cute, but very devious. And apparently very scared of me. If she stopped sleeping on the bed I wouldn't have to yell... so there you go.

UPDATE: As of 2130 (Sat. night), Mags has left her layover and is now is hopefully touching down in Indonesia soon!

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M said...

Hmm.. a picture of my dog with a scared look on her face; with a caption mentioning Indonesian meals? You're sick, R.. just sick.

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