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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finding My Happy Place

Well done, Albany.

You finally managed to open up a decent Asian market. After a quick walk though last night, it was very reminicent of the Hong Kong Supermarkets I shop in when I'm in the city. Or, if I wanted to be really generous about the place (mind you I just there for about ten minutes), it's like all the little vendors I hit up in Chinatown under one roof... and a heck of a lot cleaner (and better smelling).

Albany Jane has been posting about their hot food bar, and as much as I wanted to buy a meal there, I just stood and stared. They've got duck! With the neck... and I'm guessing the head was there too, wasn't really focused on the body parts, but the fact that they were selling it amazed me. And hello! steamed pork buns! I grew up calling it siopao and I'm pretty sure I said "OMG they have siopao!" a little too loud because I caught a lady (if my flipdar isn't malfunctioning, she was most certainly filipino) look up and laugh.

I bought a pork bun and some sesame balls, which lasted long enough for me to take a picture of (btw, the bun was good, middle sweet and meaty). The sesame balls are these wonderful fried balls of dough covered with sesame seeds and filled with red bean paste. If you ever hit up a dim sum place you'll find some there, but smaller. If you're not a fan of greasy things, this may not be something to try... but really you should try it.



Albany Jane said...

Yaaahh - glad you liked it too! It is so freaking awesome.

Anonymous said...

I've got to go. When I was back in SF Chinatown, my favorite bakery was closed for vacation and I was denied my precious egg custards.

Nobody has mentioned there availability at the new market, but I am a prisoner of hope.

Still, a good sesame ball is nothing to sneeze at.

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