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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Roxanne's (Mahwah, NJ)

Roxanne's is one of those places that you'll miss if you're not looking. It blends in too well on the street, and people usually don't realize it's there until they pass it up. I've passed it plenty of times, but I finally stopped in not too long ago. I went with my friend S, who I haven't seen in the longest (I'm turning into a bad friend).

It's definitely different than Kinchley's, which is just down the road. It's pretty spacious, and has a patio area. The bar area reminds me of a lodge, with plenty of open space. Good for parties, perhaps.

We figured it would be best to keep it simple- light appetizer and some of their pizza. We picked the eggplant chips, which were pretty good. They were sliced to the right thickness, and lightly battered. I don't remember what dip accompanied it, but I want to say it was like a dill dip? The eggplant wasn't bitter, and not at all greasy. This place is all about big portions, so be warned. We ended up not finishing this, and I think this might be better for a group of 3 or 4 instead of two.

I'm pretty sure we ordered one of their specialty pizzas, the name of which escapes me at the moment. But it had prosciutto, mushrooms and basil. I thought they would have shredded it up, but I guess long strips are prettier.

Pretty aside, the pizza was pretty good. And had we known about the large portions, we may have went without the appetizer. Or invited someone else to eat with us.

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