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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hospital Food Isn't All Bad

Holy moly, I got a break today! The cafeteria wasn't technically starting their lunch service yet, but the salad bar was open and price wise, it's pretty darn good. Anything from the salad bar is 25 cents/oz. I piled my plate high with a salad of baby spinach and feta, tuna with dill, an Italian chicken salad, antipasti, and beets (yes, beets).

I was going to stop right there, but I then spied the dessert cooler. Cakes galore! I had my pick of the bunch, but I could not pass up this big slice of Red Velvet. The salad bar and dessert came out to less than 4 bucks. Not bad, huh?

Salad bar items were really good, as was the cake. Moist, and the icing nice and cream cheesey. Unfortunately, the cake was too rich and I only finished a third of it. I gave it to some classmates who eagerly chowed down (not to mention swiping some milk from the fridge... shhh!). Hospital Red Velvet cake? Three thumbs up.

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