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Friday, June 05, 2009

Start of the Season: Grilling

Yes, it is that same fish from my previous entry, but it was grilled... and I needed a grill post. There was much more that was gilled- pork belly, korean style ribs, and steak come to mind.

If you never thought of using it, banana leaves are great when you want to grill meats. I'm sure vegetables would work too, but I usually see if wrapping up fish. You should be able to pick some up at an Asian market (I think Clover is the common brand... from the Philippines) or Caribbean/Latin American store.

Even though the fish is wrapped in the banana leaf, it still needs to be wrapped in foil. I'm not sure really, the seafood grilling is my uncle's domain. Perhaps it's to prevent from burning... the leaves used really for steaming?

And the cooler? That's how he brought them in.


Anonymous said...

I actually saw frozen banana leaves at the Latham Price Chopper with the frozen Goya products...they had frozen Yuca too....

Albany Jane said...

Yum, yum, yum! I might use some extra bamboo leaves for this method. I think the foil wrapping makes the food steam, so then the leaf would impart tasty flavor and not dry out too soon.

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