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Monday, June 01, 2009

Start of the Season: Desserts

The typical start of the Summer season is with the opening of the pools/beaches/parks on Memorial Day weekend.

The typical start of that Summer season in my family? When one of my parents utter the phrase, "XYZ is throwing a party at the house this weekend." It's not something that can be fought. In the family, my parents have one of the larger houses and can easily accommodate all the people that are always invited.

This year, one of my uncle's kicked the season off with a huge birthday bash. My contribution? I helped my mom bake the leche flan cake and bibingka. The flan cake doesn't look pretty, but I assure you it is very good. My friend A's birthday is coming up and she asked my mom to make it for her.

As for the bibingka, it's never one or two made... we're talking at least a dozen. I still need to try cooking it over the grill.

My uncle brought a birthday cake with him. I'm pretty sure it's a S'mores cake from Red Ribbon in Jersey City. I didn't try any so I can't tell you if it was any good. With most of these parties, I tend not too eat very much. There's always way too much and I wind up with sensory overload.

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