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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eleni's Pancake House (Montvale, NJ)

It's always a good thing when something reminds you of home. This rings true for M, since he's an East Coast transplant. I had mentioned there being a pancake house nearby and he insisted we eat there. With no other options to trump this, I readily agreed.

What are pancake houses supposed to be, exactly? Is it supposed to be IHOP-ian in nature, with some Waffle Housian touches? Or maybe using "pancake house" hides the fact of what it really is- a diner. You walk in and you get the whole diner feeling. But this wasn't a crappy diner feel... this was a nice diner feel.

Right off the bat, M liked this place. We arrived at the tail end of breakfast on a Sunday so the restaurant was chock full of old people. The hostess seated us in a quieter section and we scanned the menu. They have a lot to offer, and a decent breakfast menu. I ordered a corned beef hash and cheddar omlet, and M had the artichoke mozzarella omlete, which is pictured below.

Take a look at that. That is a heck of a lot of artichokes! Their portions are huge and relatively inexpensive. And the home fries... oh, the home fries!

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