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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blog, I've Missed You

I've missed eating too.

Last Friday I went out with my friend A to celebrate passing my first Pharm exam. Since school started my diet has consisted mainly of large hazelnut coffees from DD and a meal here and there (if I get two meals in it's a huge accomplishment). I was in a sushi/seafood mood, so we went to Minado. A had never been there before, and I think she was starting to get tired of me gushing about how great this place is... and the sushi, oh the sushi!

Long story short, A loved it. Dinner is a little too pricey ($30 on the weekends, $28 during the week) but we may hit it up again for lunch in the future.

Okay, that picture has nothing to do with food... but it's the hand dryer at Minado. It's a Dyson!

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