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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weaksauce - Hikari Sushi (Orangeburg, NY)

I am three days into my new program and I am exhausted.


Fun, awesome, ready to do something at the drop of a hat me is no more.

And the food front isn't any better. So far this week I have lived off of iced coffee, seltzer, and pretzels. Lots of these. Horrible, I know... but my sanity is intact.

I finished morning session early enough to grab some lunch. Down the road from campus is a small Japanese restaurant. You would miss it if you weren't paying attention, which makes me wonder how their lunch/dinner crowds are.

I arrived at Hikari Sushi a little after 11 (I only had ~1 hour before afternoon session) and surprise... empty. I asked the man at the sushi bar if they were ready to serve lunch and he nodded yes and gestured me to take a seat. A few minutes later a server came out of the kitchen and took my drink order.

I went straight for their lunch menu. There are two different options- sushi and a lunch box. For the sushi, you can choose two rolls off the list for $7.50 or three for $10. The lunch boxes were $8.50 and you could choose from five items. Both lunch options come with soup and salad, and with the lunch box you get a spring roll, white/brown rice, and 4pc California roll. I ended up going with the Salmon teriyaki lunch box.

Soup and salad were their usual. I decided to be geeky and used the timer on my ipod touch to see how long it would take after I finished the soup and salad to get my meal. Just under three minutes. Cool.

The food was decent. The piece of fish was about palm sized and just a thin glaze of teriyaki. Very flaky and not dry. The California roll was full of avocado, which was fine by me. The spring roll was perfectly fried to a golden brown and not at all greasy. The downside? Too much cabbage. At least it was Napa cabbage.

I need to remember to bring my camera next time.

Lunch box and soda came out to $12.84 (including tax and tip)

Hikari Sushi
7 Dutch Hill Road
Orangeburg, NY 10962
(845) 359-4400

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