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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Upstate Fun

Memorial Day weekend was great, wasn't it? I sacrificed sleep so I could enjoy the great weather. M and I checked out a bunch of estate/yard/garage sales, but we bought nothing (although M should have bought that electric toy organ! IT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME!).

We ended up taking a hike at some park. I don't remember the name, but it's near Eagle Mills? I need to keep a can of bug spray in the car... just a little too buggy for my tastes.

Vanilla cones from McD's. Nice twist, not so nice height (I need to compile that vanilla cone list).

The plan was to just go to Wilton for some Chipotle, but I drove on the wrong 9. Lake George was nice, but too crowded for my tastes. M needed to go to the arcade, and we won a whopping 13 tickets. You really can't get anything with so few tickets, so we just left it on one of the machines. To the person who found it- you're welcome.

Before heading back to Troy, we had our Chipotle fix. They should have considered putting in an outdoor dining area. The food was okay, but the guacamole was browning. Shame on you, Wilton.

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