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Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Little Bit Ugly, A Little Bit Salmon

I cooked up a couple of steaks a few days ago. They were very simple- light coating of olive oil, kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. I heated up the cast iron skillet and cooked the meat for four minutes on each side, resulting in steaks cooked at a perfect medium (for me).

The Filipina side of me likes to eat my steaks with a dipping sauce, usually made up of crushed garlic and chilies, dash of soy sauce, and a generous portion of vinegar. For this meal, I just used Suka Pinakurat, which is a spicy coconut vinegar. Extremely tasty.

And what does this have to do with the picture above? Well, the pan had some fat from the steak, and all that great browned stuff that has a tendency to stick to pans. I thought about deglazing with red wine, but I remembered I had some brussel sprouts in the freezer. I partially defrosted them in the microwave and then tossed into the pan. Less than ten minutes later I ended up with what you see above.

Yesterday my friend A and I went over to the mall for conveyor belt sushi and a movie. East, the conveyor belt restaurant, was good as usual. Our server reminded me of Agent Smith from the Matrix (it's the eyes and the brows), and we can now say that we have had all of their servers wait on us at least once. Makes it obvious we like it there, doesn't it?

I had finished my plates of sushi and my bowl of soba, while A had one plate of salmon to go. By that point she was stuffed, and try as I might, I could not talk her into finishing it.

So she took it to go. All two pieces of it.

After East we went and watched the new Street Fighter movie. I don't remember why we ended up choosing it, but for all it's silliness, it made for a fun two hours. It was playing in one of the smaller screening rooms and we were the only 2 females in the audience. Chris Klein, you are a bad actor. Liu Kang had a career after Mortal Kombat, it seems. And while his face has aged, his body... not so much.


Anonymous said...

what mall...I would love to go for conveyer belt sushi...

Matt said...

i NEED to go to East sometime soon. i've heard about it, but i have no idea where it is. i am a bergen county n00b

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