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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

CCK, Part Deux

By the time M and I made it into Albany Sunday night, it was almost 9:30. I was surprised that M wanted to try CCK out, since he's told me more than once he's not really into Chinese food. Who knows, maybe my babbling about how great my lunch was got him to reconsider his stance.

I took charge of the ordering and picked a vegetable filled bean curd skin roll and sauteed mustard greens for him, and picked the shrimp roll and duck lo mein for myself.

The bean curd roll looked a bit greasy, but according to M it wasn't too bad. It was filled with bean sprouts, shitake mushrooms, carrots, celery, onion, etc. It was served with a soy dipping sauce.

The mustard greens, M disliked. He could not understand how mustard greens could be prepared on their own, let alone be served as a side. They were slightly bitter, but I liked the diced ginger that the greens were cooked in.

I really like their duck. The lo mein was on par with Hop Kee's version, so it's guaranteed I'll get this again from CCK. Sadly, the shrimp rolls were the only disappointment. The shrimp had a definite previously frozen taste... hell, it was even freezer burned tasting. I considered leaving the rest because of this, but I sucked it up and finished my meal.

Dinner for two came out to $26.00, including tax and tip.

M thoughts post dinner (after I asked him to write something up about it)?

"I would likely write a poor review, even though I feel it is a decent place. I just don't like Chinese food. No, no... take that back. I just don't like my choices. But the veggie stuff, whatever it was... (bean curd) that was alright. Mustard greens are mustard greens, and they're hardly worth eight dollars."

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