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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When You Just Don't See Eye to Eye... On Food

The saying goes, "opposites attract." And when it comes to food, I could not agree more. I love trying new things to eat, and M sometimes forgets to eat. Going out for a meal can be downright painful at times.

So does this constitute a deal breaker? Let's hope not. Even though our tastes differ, I think he is a pretty awesome guy.

The Washington Post has an article dealing with this issue.

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Jamie said...

I think that if your love is stronge enough, it will weather this storm. But hubby and I have food in common - although I eat all day and he is strictly a 3-meals-a-day, limit-the-desserts kinda guy, we love cooking together, marketing together, discovering restaurants and new foods together. It is fun and exciting and it feeds my obsession! Maybe you could do that with girlfriends! LOL

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