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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Recent Purchases


Before I headed back downstate, M and I visited some local grocery stores/food shops in area that would help in keeping the shopping bill down.

We went to Ocean State, where I picked up the baby back rib flavored potato chips and M bought plenty of his prepared indian food. In the same shopping plaza is Price Rite where M bought the rest of his groceries. Food prices are low and they have a pretty good selection of brand name and store brand. I think that Price Rite and Shoprite's store label are the same because I saw a package of lady fingers that looked exactly like the package I saw at Shoprite, except for the store logo (finding an item with the Shoprite logo didn't hurt either).


Monday we went to Aldi's, where I bought the chocolate and gummies, along with some other items. It's out of the way, but I like their stripped down approach to food shopping. They charge for bags, which encourage shoppers to bring their own. Shopping carts require a deposit, and they have a limited selection. Very different than Price Chopper/Hannaford/Shoprite/Pathmark.

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