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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bob's Diner (Watervliet, NY)


For all my posting (both here and earlier blogs), I have somehow failed to mention Bob's. Located on Route 2 in Watervliet, Bob's is the place I tend to go to after a long night at work. Because it's open 24 hours, Bob's has also been the place to order from when it's slow moving at work. See that driveway up there? I twisted my ankle trying to bring food back to work on that driveway. Oh Bob's... thanks for the memories.


After Aldi's M and I stopped by for a quick bite. M had his usual three eggs scrambled, home fries and rye toast. I ordered a bowl of the beef barley soup and a cheeseburger deluxe platter. Definitely hit the spot, and M's homefries looked better than usual. I'm not too thrilled with the roll that my burger came on- it seemed to be on the verge of cumbling. But aside from that, I enjoyed my meal.

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