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Friday, January 23, 2009

Thunder Mountain Curry - Friday Menu

Friday McNeil Room Menu                         
Pan-Asian Cuisine

Mango Lassi                       3.50
Smoothie like drink of mango, yogurt, fresh mint, honey, and rose essence

Thai Iced Tea                    2.50
Traditionally brewed and served   

Pakoras                           4.00
Onions and potatoes in a spicy chic pea batter crisply fried to order served with  a choice of dipping sauce and chutney

Thai Corn Fritters                4.00
Hot n’ sweet served right off the griddle with sweet chili sauce

   ***********Today’s Special***********
     Tom Yum Soup 7.25
       Famous Thai Hot n’ Sour Soup made to order
    Please choose   Chicken or Vegetarian

The Daily Sampler  7.25
A combination plate of today’s dishes served with Malaysian fresh pickle, coriander mint chutney, Indonesian hot n’ sweet sambal, and toppings

Today we are serving:

Pakoras with two dipping sauces
Thai Corn Fritters
Thai Yellow Curry Chicken Stirfry
Sesame Snowpea Stirfry
Chili Roasted Potatoes
Sticky Rice with traditional dipping sauce
Basmati Rice

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