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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"Supper Club" (West Nyack, NY)

I get discouraged when someone in SC picks a chain restaurant. It's happened five times now.

Why? How difficult can it be to find a place to eat that you won't find in every other city in the country? The whole point of these weekly dinners was to break people out of that chain restaurant mentality.


All venting aside, we had dinner this week at Outback.  Ugh. There are three things on the menu that I can tolerate there: the bread, the blooming onion, and the Ahi Tuna Salad. I ate tons of bread, refrained from ordering anything fried and had the Ahi Tuna salad... again.

Yes, the pictures are dark, but that place is all about dim lighting! The salad was good as usual, and I was able to convince a couple of friends to order it as well. I don't like the wasabi vinaigrette that it comes with (stuff makes me queasy), and I really don't like the fact that they don't balsamic vinaigrette as one of their dressing options. I think it would work much better.

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