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Friday, January 30, 2009

Supper Club (1/29): Golden Dynasty (Hillsdale, NJ)

My friend read my fortune cookie before I did and insisted I use this as default picture for the Supper Club FB page. It's a bit funny, considering the kind of Chinese food that most people eat won't keep them healthy at all.

Technically I'm supposed to be picking next week, but the person who was supposed to go this week backed out and I got bumped up (he ended up coming to dinner btw). People have mentioned Golden Dynasty to me in the past, but I never got around to actually going. Thanks to Matt who has ordered food from there on two separate occasions, I figured tonight would be a good time to try it out.

I wasn't sure how their dinner traffic was, so I made a reservation for seven at 8:00PM. The reservation wasn't necessary- when I arrived there were maybe a handful of patrons besides my dinner party. Our server took our drink orders and we waited for the rest of the group to arrive. NOTE: If you order a soda, be aware that they do not offer free refills.

The interior seems to be a tad worn out, but it was clean and very presentable. As you walk up the stairs to the restaurant, you are greeted by two tanks full of large koi. Upon entering there is a small bar to your left and the hostess booth on the right (just a bit cramped).The dining area is a large room filled mostly with tables for parties of 4 or less. To the back of the dining room is where they have their larger tables and I believe I saw a set of stairs so maybe they have a private room upstairs? The service was adequate, but not spectacular.

The menu is diner menu thick, with the regular Chinese restaurant items, along with plenty of specialty dishes. I had looked at the menu online and decided that I would order one of the specials: Crispy Squid with salt and pepper, but there was no mention of this dish in the menu, nor was there a sign that listed their specials. With my original plan scrapped, I flipped through the menu hoping one of the dishes would sound appealing. Sadly, there was none. I settled on vegetable pan fried noodles and a hot and sour soup. My friend D was the only one to order a House Specialty, Green Jade Chicken - chicken and beans sauteed in a brown sauce. The B&B twins both ordered the Szechuan beef and E went with a diet-friendly steamed chicken and broccoli. A and N both went with noodle dishes (pork lo mein and beef pan friend noodles) and I can't remember what G chose, but I'm sure it was a chicken dish.


I liked the hot and sour soup, but a waiter came and took my soup before I could finish. Not good... he didn't even ask if I was finished. The pan fried noodles were good, but the sauce was too salty. I didn't really notice it when I was eating, but I really notice it now as I pick at the leftovers. Half of the table ordered ice cream for dessert and stuffed our faces with fortune cookies. An old review on the Golden Dynasty had noted that at the end of the meal guests were treated to orange slices and moist towelettes. Did they give this up? Perhaps, given this economy.

Dinner for seven before tip came out to $123.00.

I enjoyed dinner, but this place will be a once in a blue moon type of place for me. They have another location in Franklin Lakes that serves Chinese and Japanese food.

Golden Dynasty
295 Kinderkamack Road
Hillsdale, NJ 07642


Side note: I went bowling this afternoon and bowled my best game yet! Totally getting the hang of this hook ball thing.


Matt said...

oh man, did you go bowling at montvale lanes? 202? looks like you'd be some good competition...

Lilimonster said...

That's at Montvale. My scores went down after that (149, 131, 129) so I don't know how much competition I would be. Perhaps if I took a break and didn't bowl straight through my scores would have stayed up.

Aside from the 202, my second highest score was a 186 which I got maybe ~2 months ago? And that was when I was just bowling straight.

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