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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Supper Club (12/30): Kumo **MENU ADDED** (Pearl River, NY)

We had our last Supper Club of the year at Pearl River's newest restaurant (thanks for the pick, Brett Z!). If you're familiar with PR, it's across the street from the train station and Defiant brewery. The opening of Kumo brings the number of Japanese restaurants in Pearl River up to three now, and they are all pretty close to one another.

What sets it apart is the decor. You don't even need to open the front doors to see that this restaurant was designed with a very urban feel. The dining area is one room that is broken up with a partial wall. The bar begins right at the door, with the sushi bar at the back. The walls are tiled with some rather interesting glass tiles, and then there are the four light pillars. Dim, yet bright... definitely has that city vibe. Kumo stands out in this town, and it isn't keeping the people away.

We planned to meet up for dinner at 8pm and I was the first person there. The place was packed. I also found out that nobody had called ahead to reserve a table for a party of six. Lesson learned.We ended up waiting for about fifteen minutes before they could set something up. A table opened up, and I thought it would be ours, but someone in our group must have agreed to something, because we ended up sitting by the sushi bar in two different groups (two at the bar, four at a table). Annoying, but at least we were seated.

I wanted to get something light, so I ordered the grilled squid and the Sansai soba. The squid was tender and not at all rubbery. I don't know what was used for a sauce, maybe terriyaki sauce? It was a bit on the sweet side. I was a third of the way done with my squid when my soup came out. The soup was alright for what it was, soba soup with vegetables. The noodles were a bit weird, I was expecting the buckwheat noodles I usually get when I order soba, but these looked like ramen noodles. They were a bit mushy. I was going to try the Tahitian Vanilla creme brulee, but I went with the fried green ice cream instead. My dinner, with tax and tip came out to $29.00. I gave a little bit more tip, because my wine was on the house. Yay!

The pictures below are the rest of the dinners at the table, all of which looked fantastic. My friend E said that their lunch menu is good, so I think that will be my next visit.


Kumo Japanese Bistro
22 S. Main Street
Pearl River, NY 10965
(845) 920-0886
(845) 920-0855 fax

Click on images below for the menu.

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