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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Fuzzy Logic: Curry Rice With Beef and Green Beans

I've been neglecting the FL lately. The cold weather is keeping me in, so I've decided to raid the fridge for dinner.

Curry Rice with Beef and Green Beans

1 lb ground beef, pre-cooked
2 pieces solid curry (I used Vermont Curry MedHot)
1 cup green beans (I used some leftover frozen beans)
3 cups rice

1. Set the rice cooker to brown and reheat the ground beef. Add the solid curry and a little bit of water to help soften the curry. **Note: I realized after making it that this was how it should have been done. As you can tell by the picture I threw it all in there and hoped for the best.**

2. Add the green beans and rice. Add enough water to cook the rice properly.

3. Set to cook, and tada!


Matt said...

FL ?

Lilimonster said...

FL = fuzzy logic

It's what I've been calling my rice cooker lately.

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