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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Food Pimpin' Eye Kee Yaaah (Paramus, NJ)


Who knew that a home retail store would be a surprising food destination? The Bitten blog does, here and here. Not to mention the discussion over at Chowhound and Serious Eats. My earliest Ikea memories date back at least twenty years ago. My parents brought my sister and I along to the grand opening of the Ikea in Elizabeth and the two things I remember clearly are the ball room and the meatballs. Maybe there were pretzels.

It wasn't until a year ago that I stepped foot in another Ikea, this time the one in Paramus. I'm not sure if it's as big as the one in Elizabeth, but it's a heck of a lot closer to my house, thus making an Ikea food run feasible. This place is good enough that I chose it as a Supper Club site. It's the meatballs, I tell you.

Meatballs + cream sauce + ligonberry jam = one happy gal

Don't have an Ikea nearby? Not to fear, you can make your own Swedish meatballs. Recipe from the IKEA friends website.


Aside from the cafe, there is also a little shoppette. You can get hot dogs and pretzels, yogurt and cinnamon buns. They also sell food items that you might not find in your local supermarket. Jelly rats? I'm tempted... but next time. Also for next time, creamed smoked roe from a tube.

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