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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Eating Together... and Apart

Eating with M can be downright painful. The vegetarian thing really doesn't help, since almost everywhere in the CR is not vegetarian friendly- at all.

He also has a habit of eating horribly. This is a typical day for him:
  • Breakfast: Coffee.
  • Lunch: Coffee. Maybe a donut, or a slice of pizza from the cafeteria.
  • Dinner: Coffee. More coffee. Maybe three bowls of cereal. If he's coming in from Albany, he might stop by Taco Bell and get two bean and rice burritos and a cheese quesadilla. Or, if he's feeling adventurous, he'll turn the stove on and make Rice a roni.
Saturday I had a craving for buffet so we went over to Kobe in Latham. I thought there would be something for him, but of course! not a thing to eat (he can be so freaking picky). So he sat there while I stuffed my face silly. Surprisingly, I really like their kimchi- more heat than sour.

When I was finished, we stopped by Taco Bell so he could get his usual.

Doesn't he make an excellent dining partner?


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