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Friday, November 28, 2008

Recession Blues

Given the current economic climate, M and I are trying hard to keep food costs down. Which means cutting back on eating out... and cooking. The problem here, is that it can be expensive. A $100+ grocery bill is common when we hit up Chopper... is there anyway we can bring that down a bit?

Why... yes. I submit to you, Ocean State Job Lot. It's in Schenectady, I'm not sure where exactly. I just drive up Rt. 7 from Troy and it takes me there.

Ocean State is similar to other discount retailers, where they sell a little bit of everything. I learned about this place from M, who found out about it from a friend out in MA. They offer brand name, and some not so common brands. Coincidentally, on our first trip to Ocean State I had read an article on maraschino cherries and some of the new flavors (and colors) that were available. I did not buy either the snails or the cherries, but maybe one day I'll get around to it.

Minus the non-food I items I bought along with the food, the food bill total was... ~$50.00! Now this isn't to say that the grocery store has been banished forever (they don't sell milk/eggs/other perishables) but if anything, this is a good place to stock your pantry.

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