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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Troy Waterfront Farmer's Market


I found out about this farmer's market during my second stint in Albany. By then I was a regular at the Union Square farmer's market, visiting at least twice a week. I needed to find something similar, and here it was. There are two seasons to the Troy market - Summer and Winter. During the summer, the market is held outdoors over by the waterfront (I'm not sure where exactly, but before Ryan's Wake going towards the bridge), and held indoors in the winter in the Uncle Sam Atrium. As you can see, there are plenty of vendors, and on this visit, the food vendors set up shop on the second floor, which has some tables for dining.

Thunder Mountain Curry!! *drool* Normally I get a market basket, but it seemed mostly breakfasty, and I wanted more lunch oriented foods. But I will admit, the Coconut pancakes smelled wonderful.


M and I bought Palak paneer and Chicken Tikki samosas from TMC. They were selling at 2 for $7.00 for an empanada looking treat that was roughly the size of my hand. I also got some sweet chili sauce for dipping.



M savoring every bite.


If you can believe it, this is a garbage bag full of collard greens! I'm used to the small ones you get at the store, and when I stopped by the Brown's Farm stand, I figured it was the same... until the guy got out a kitchen sized garbage bag. All this for $3.00! I also bought a huge head of cabbage for $2.00. That's enough to last me all week... thanks farmers market!

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