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Thursday, September 25, 2008

What the Stomach Says, Goes

Mitsua - Kimchi Udon, originally uploaded by lilithny.

On one of my civic duty days I ended up getting out relatively early. Not wanting to go into work, I decided to head over to one of my favorite places in this area.

Edgewater, New Jersey.

Yes, housing is cramped and way overpriced in this town, but the food... oh, the food! And I usually go to one particular place, there is still more for me to check out.

Anyways, scheme in mind, I called up S to see if he was game. It was food related so of course he was.

Mitsua = heaven. It really really does. Even better was the fact I was going there mid-week right after the lunch rush. Soooo, it would have just the right amount of people there, and not too much wait when it came to food.

I tend to get the same thing- bowl of soba and gyu don. For seven bucks, you really can't beat that... and it came with a little pickly salad thing. But since this was a special trip, I figured I would try something new. I was thinking salt ramen, but there was actually a line. Pass.

So I ended up with the Kimchi Udon. I forget what S ordered, but it was an udon soup as well. I was a little disappointed when my number was called and I got a bowl looking like the picture above.

Um... soup? Shouldn't there be more broth?

I grumbled all the way over to the table that S chose. His udon bowl was full of a lovely brown broth. I had a kimchi puddle.

I stopped complaining after I started to eat. The amount of broth was just right. Had there been more, it would have muted the flavor of the kimchi. And with said kimchi, I didn't need to add extra spice to it, it had the right amount of heat. There was just a little bit of pork mixed with the kimchi, but I don't think it was necessary for the soup.

Mitsua - Mini Curry, originally uploaded by lilithny.

The mini curry bowl. At first I thought it was a good thing I ordered this as well, because my soup didn't look filling. Of course I was wrong about that. I had to take an eating break to finish this off. All this is is beef, onion, and curry. Why is it when I make it at home, it never looks like that... let alone tastes like that? Must look into this.

Mitsua - S Meal, originally uploaded by lilithny.

S's food. He ordered the mini gyu don bowl (right) and I don't remember which kind of udon it was, but there was a soft boiled egg on top... or is it a poached egg? Whatever, I think we discussed it and it looked like they cracked open the egg on top of the soup just before serving, letting the heat from the broth cook it enough. The egg thing freaked me out a bit, and S wasn't sure if he should break it up or eat around it. He chose to eat around it and when he was ready, attempted to break up the yolk and stir it around. I tried my best not to look or face some stomach gurgling consequences.

After we finished eating, we walked around the supermarket. There are no pictures here, because we've been told in the past we're not allowed (boo). I got some soft serve green tea, and then wished I got the Hoji (roasted green tea) flavored ice cream instead. Next time, next time.


Michele said...

I adore Mitsua! It's the only reason that we ever go to Edgewater.

John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

Lisa and I so miss Mitsua (foremerly Yaohan). We need one of those supermarkets down here in South Jersey! - John

Chef E said...

Edgewater is now on my list to visit, and let me know when that place opens in South Jersey!

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