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Monday, September 01, 2008

Thou Hast Fooled Me: My Day at the Renaissance Festival

Ren Faire - "Grecian Platter", originally uploaded by lilithny.
I was going to be foolish and work on Labor Day.

I really didn't have anything better to do.

Thankfully, my friend S sent me a text and asked if I wanted to check out the Renaissance Faire. I've never gone, but then again, I really haven't had any desire to check it out. But tickets were half price, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

The faire... is pretty much what I expected it would be. Lots of people in costume. Lots of bad old English accents.


Not really sure what we should do, we did a loop around the grounds, noting where all the food stands were. I saw lots of turkey legs, and lots of beer. What I didn't expect were the pickle carts. They seemed to be following me!

We checked out a few shows. Only the Joust and some improv act really stood out. It may have been more enjoyable if it wasn't so hot and if I didn't wear flip flops (my feet were aching for a few days after).

The food... was edible. I ended up choosing the Greek food, because a) it looked the healthiest, and b) I never tried a gyro before. They were offering a Grecian platter, which came with a couple of slices of gyro meat (beef/lamb/chicken); stuffed grape leaves; rice; eggplant; and some salad like thing with tzatziki.

The guy who took my order had no clue what he was doing, and I ended up with a Grecian platter with everything except the rice and eggplant. I guess it didn't matter since what I did get was pretty lame. S ordered the same thing, except he got lamb to my beef, and he also bought a potato pancake. The pancake looked nothing like a potato pancake and seemed raw on the inside. Ewwww.

The platter came out to $12 and another $3 for a bottle of water. S's potato pancake cost $7. They really do rob you.

The only food highlight was S's chocolate dipped cheesecake slice. It looked enticing, but I didn't want a mess. He thoroughly enjoyed it, and kept talking about its deliciousness the next day.

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