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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Supper Club: Kinchley's Taven (Ramsey, NJ)

To be completely fair, everyone in Supper Club gets a chance to pick where the group eats. It was my turn this week, and I wasn't sure at first where to go.

"How about Kinchley's?" my friend A asked when I drove her home from last week's Supper Club. I never heard of it so I decided to do some research. You can find a better review of Kinchley's than this post over at Off The Broiler.

Supper Club - Kinchley Menu, originally uploaded by lilithny.

Their pizza menu.

Supper Club - Menu Error, originally uploaded by lilithny.

Gotta love errors.

Supper Club - Humongous B, originally uploaded by lilithny.

One of the pizzas that were ordered. This one is called the Humongous Pie. Really, you need a mouth that big to eat it.

Supper Club - Fra Diavolo P, originally uploaded by lilithny.

I ordered the Fra Diavolo, which is supposed to be spicy. Nope. Not spicy at all.

Supper Club - DQ, originally uploaded by lilithny.

With all that pizza and soda/beers consumed, you would think we would be stuffed. But there's always room for DQ.

Kinchley’s Tavern
586 N Franklin Tpke
Ramsey, NJ
(201) 934-7777

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