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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hi Seoul, Meet Tummy

Hi Seoul, originally uploaded by lilithny.

My life has been pretty hectic the last two weeks. I'm only in the office two days a week, and those days are extremely long (I'm writing this in the office right now). But even with the busy schedule, I was able to stop in at Hi Seoul in Bardonia.

This place always seems to be closed, but I was lucky when I pulled in today. The only people in there was a man behind the sushi bar and a woman in the kitchen. I quickly scanned the menu- no lunch specials, which makes me think that this really is a dinner place. I placed my order with the lady and was told it would take about ten minutes.

This decoration is pretty minimum. There are about seven small tables in the restaurant, and 3-4 chairs by the sushi bar. It didn't look like they served alcohol, so maybe it's one of those BYOB places. There are two tables outside for warm weather dining.

After ten minutes I went back inside and paid my meal. I mentioned to the woman about it always looking closed. She replied that her and her husband (the owners) sometimes close early if its slow or they need to go to their other place. I thanked them for the food and went back to work.

I ordered bibimbap. I've only had it one other time, and that was on a flight to the Philippines. It was great and I must have used up half the tube of pepper paste because it wasn't hot enough. (I know what you're thinking... airline food... good? Trust me, it was. Korean Air rocks!)

Hi Seoul - Packing, originally uploaded by lilithny.

As customary with korean dishes, I got some extra sides: kimchi and picked daikon radish, along with a soup and salad. The soup was miso, and filler-free (no bits of tofu and seaweed... yes!) The salad was pretty sad, a couple iceberg leafs and some shredded carrots. The dressing was the highlight: it looked like a light honey mustard, but I could definitely taste horseradish. Will have to find out what it in it.

Hi Seoul - Tape, originally uploaded by lilithny.
(Why can't other places tape those little containers to my food?!?!)

Hi Seoul - Egg, originally uploaded by lilithny.

For the 11 dollars I paid for my meal, it was on the small side. And the egg... is that how bibimbap is??!? With a pretty undercooked looking egg? (Okay, so it looks more sunny side up... extra runny ready...ack!) I'm not really an egg person, so having this huge egg on my dish was kicking up the gag reflex. I quickly stirred it around, hoping the residual heat in the food would quickly cook up that egg and prevent me from getting sick. I also added the entire container of spicy sauce, which once again was not hot enough.

It wasn't too bad... once I got past the egg. The vegetables still had a bite to them, and just a little bit of meat. I tossed in some of the kimchi and oooh... delish.

Egg fears aside, this place is alright. I will have to try the bulggogi in the future.

Hi Seoul
295 Route 304
Bardonia, NY 10954
(845) 627-2992

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