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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shopping in Albany: Asian Food Market

Colvin, originally uploaded by lilithny.

There are a handful of Asian markets in the Albany area, and this is the one I regularly go to.Went to. I keep forgetting I don't really live up there anymore. For now.

seafood dept, originally uploaded by lilithny.

When you first walk in: After walking in through the sliding doors you will see the seafood department on your left. Don't expect Cousin's or Chopper/Hannaford standards. It is slightly better than Chinatown, but I still cringe when I pass this by. Along the wall on the left are the pre-packaged foods and desserts. Perishable items.

saigon baguette, originally uploaded by lilithny.

An example of some of their pre-packaged foods. My guess (from left to right) that's sponge cake, Saigon baguette, and siopao. I think they head down to Chinatown very early Saturday morning and pick these up. I was going to buy the sandwich, but we had just eaten, and I didn't want M to see me pig out.

taho, originally uploaded by lilithny.

Baked goods... and taho! Taho, if you don't know, is basically silken tofu that they cook in this large pot. When they serve it, they use a large spoon and scoop/scrape the top (I don't know how to explain that really) and serve with a sweet syrup.

seafood, originally uploaded by lilithny.

A closer view of the seafood section. I like the pre-packaged, pre-shucked crabs, but how long have been sitting out?

veggies, originally uploaded by lilithny.

Walk past the seafood and the the refrigerated cases, and you'll find the vegetable aisle. Stop by on the weekends, when it's still well stocked. You'll find lots of Asian veggies, for a very reasonable price.

aisle, originally uploaded by lilithny.

Loop around back and you will find their frozen food aisle, and on the other side of the store, the non-food aisle. Appliances, utensils, household items will be found here. I bought my mandolin from here and absolutely love it.

bad english, originally uploaded by lilithny.

Let life be more taste!!

chicharon, originally uploaded by lilithny.

M making a comment about my snack. Come on, salt and vinegar flavored pork rinds are AWESOME! I forget the name of the brand... Tito something? Anyways, those were the rinds that had a little bit of fat on them. Just thinking about it now makes my stomach hurt, but dunk that sucker in vinegar... oh heaven.

cute, originally uploaded by lilithny.

His response after I said that.

langon, originally uploaded by lilithny.

Their fruit selection... I guess it's alright. The sign said they are langons, but I'm not exactly sure what those are. I may have eaten them when I was in the Philippines.

If you're in the area, stop in and have at it!  The store is on Colvin Ave, right off of Central in the Hannaford shopping plaza.

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Dave said...

There is nothing like a good Asian grocery. Great photo essay - thanks!

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