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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Albany Dining: Grandma's Country Restaurant

Grandma's - Macaroni & Cheese, originally uploaded by lilithny.

This place is one of the few reasons I don't mind going back to Albany. I worked at Grandma's during my senior year in college. Back then I was the hostess/cashier/sneaky pie assistant. Mike, the pie guy would let me help with the cream pies, and eat the broken cookies. It's amazing I didn't turn into a rolly polly because of it.

Friday is mac & cheese day. It's the only day they serve it, and it really is worth the wait. I remember people coming in and eating mac & cheese and taking another order of it to go. It really is that good.

Grandma's - Fried Clams, originally uploaded by lilithny.

The last time we were there, M ordered the macaroni & cheese, while I had the fried clam strips platter. Both our meals came with either a soup or salad.

Grandma's - Starters, originally uploaded by lilithny.

I order the Manhattan clam chowder whenever it's available. M tends to pick a salad since they rarely have vegetarian friendly soups.

Grandma's - Mat, originally uploaded by lilithny.

Another shot of the placemat. They change with the seasons, along with the dining room decor. I think they've toned down a bit- it was a bit sparse on this visit.

Grandma's - Dining Area, originally uploaded by lilithny.

The booths are a bit cramped, and I rarely get seated in the back dining room (which is a bit more comfortable).

Definitely a place to check out if you're in the area!

1273 Central Ave # 1
Albany, NY 12205
(518) 459-4585

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