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Monday, August 25, 2008

Unacceptable: What Bugs Me About Potato Republic

I like Potato Republic. I really do. But sometimes they pull crap off like this that makes me consider not going there anymore.

(It might not be so bad after I've calmed down)

I got a message from my friend S about grabbing some lunch. My sister was down this weekend so I invited her, along with two of my cousins. We decided on Potato Republic because it's close to my job, plus their Belgian fries are wonderful.

Potato Republic - Fries, originally uploaded by lilithny.

We got there around 1:00 this afternoon. Aside from the workers, there only two people in the restaurant. Our waitress was prompt- came right up to us with menus and we put in our drink orders. We also let her know that more people would be joining. They followed only a few minutes later, and once again, prompt service. We ordered shortly after and the food came out quickly (my turkey burger was the last to come out, a few minutes after the rest of the food came out, but that wasn't a big deal)

Potato Republic - Calimari, originally uploaded by lilithny.

Potato Republic - BLT wrap, originally uploaded by lilithny.

We finished our meals, asked for food to be wrapped and was ready for the check.

Um... check?

... check please?

uses one of the many "international signs for 'check please'"

Twenty minutes.

Service at this place is horrendous. This isn't the first time, to be honest, it happens all the time. It is never busy when I'm there, and the service is slow. I understand if you're slammed, but if I see you standing at the counter, while your tables are trying to get your attention, that is unacceptable.

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Anonymous said...

I like post and what you wrote about Potato Republic. The place does go though a lot of help. So some might be beginners or really bad at their job. These comments are helpful for the future. We like to hear from our customers. Your pictures have been very helpful since I placed them on Potato Republic's facebook. Yes they have a facebook. Anyways take care.

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