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Monday, August 18, 2008

Michigan Weekend - CJ'S

The boy and I went our first vacation... to see his family.


The start of our trip proved to be interesting. I almost missed my train to get up to Albany, and he blew a tire driving to the train station. And then there was the rain. It rained the whole eight hours we drove. Thankfully we weren't at each other's throats by the end of it.

Day one - For getting in really late, we woke up pretty early. Watched some Olympics and got ready for some breakfast. We went to CJ's, a small diner in town.

0808081258, originally uploaded by lilithny.
I guess I can't really expect much. It was clean, and looked well kept. I took the picture near the end of our meal, but there were quite a few people when we came in. It also used to be an ice cream shoppe, but I think because of the rising food prices they stopped that. There was a sign on the door that indicated as much- no more ice cream cones, shakes, or sundaes. Shucks.

It was noon by the time we got there, so I was not in the mood for breakfast. I really wasn't in the mood for eating, but I figured I should get something in my stomach before the long night of drinking (I ended up not doing that either, I'm getting lamer as I get older). I ended up ordering soup and cheese fries... and lots of coffee.

CJ's Minestrone, originally uploaded by lilithny.
The Minestrone was okay, reminded me of warm watered down ketchup with some beans and noodles thrown in for good measure.

0808081308a, originally uploaded by lilithny.
Cheese fries, you can do no wrong.

(yes, I know I should eat better.)

0808081308, originally uploaded by lilithny.
The boy's breakfast actually looked good, and I was slightly jealous I didn't order it. Scrambled eggs, rye toast, and hash browns.

0808081311, originally uploaded by lilithny.
Real hash browns - with just the right amount of crunch. Jealous.

0808081312, originally uploaded by lilithny.
Look at that toast! Thick slices! In butter!

0808081259, originally uploaded by lilithny.
Can I have a bite?

0808081313, originally uploaded by lilithny.
nom nom nom So jealous now.

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