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Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Fake No Bake

CK even closer, originally uploaded by lilithny.

Last weekend I went upstate and visited the boy. We were invited to go to a birthday party, and not wanting to go empty handed, I decided to bring dessert.
Part of my work day ritual is scan through blogs as I plow through my paperwork. The Bitten blog is one I tend to check on a daily basis and I saw that there was a post on a cheesecake.

But of course, I didn't really look at it. I saw ricotta and cream cheese. Sounded like a strange combination, but I decided I would give it a try.
I guesstimated on the graham crackers and butter. I added toasted pecans for that special touch. I molded them into the cupcake liners and things felt wrong. I doubted the crust. It could be because I didn't follow the directions, or my fears of unbaked crust. To be on the safe side, I put them in the over for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.

Cheesecake, originally uploaded by lilithny.
The cheesecake part was rather easy. Mixed the two together, along with honey and vanilla. Spooned ontop of the baked crust and topped with blueberries and raspberries. I kept them in the fridge until it was time for me to leave.

CK close up, originally uploaded by lilithny.
I should have thought of placing these cheesecake cups into a cooler, but as usual, I was rushing out the door. I threw them into a carboard box, cranked up the air conditioner, and hoped for the best. Two hours later, I quickly took them out of my car and into the boy's freezer. An hour or so after that, the boy and I presented them at the party.
How did they turn out? There were a few compliments, and the boy thought they were pretty good.

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